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About Plus One: And me!!!

Just in case you're wondering...
Plus One is a Christian boyband. You can tell they really love the Lord in the songs they sing. This is so important in the society we live in to let your light shine before men so that they can see Christ in you. Cause people are going to be watching you, you know? If you say you're a Christian, and you talk the talk, but you don't walk the walk, then people are going to look at you and say, "Well, oh, if she does it, then it must be all right cause she's a Christian." It doesn't work like that. You can witness to somebody and never even speak to them about Jesus. If they just look at your life, and look at the way you live, then they will see Jesus in you, and maybe, just maybe, you'll get the chance to lead them to Christ.

And that's what Plus One is trying to do. And in my opinion, they have done it. I mean, just looking at all the stories about people who came to know the Lord from their music, they are totally letting their light shine.

Thanks Nicole! From left: Jason,Nathan, Jeremy, Gabe, Nate

About Yours Truly:
Hi! You probably care more about Plus One than me, but here's some info about me, anywho.

My name is Meriane ------. (last name excluded)

I live in Louisiana, and I go to First Assembly of God in West Monroe. Here's the youth group's website:


Did I mention I was in Bible Quiz? Whoa! It's slave-driving-killer work, but it's a lot of fun. We're studying 1 Corinthians.
Whom I have a crush on:

Like I'm telling you!

What I like to do:

I like to sing, write, read, act, draw, paint, anything musical, anything artistic, sports, shopping, playing pranks, (no just kidding!) internet, talking, video games, going to church, being in church, singing in church (there's nothing exactly like singing in church), church,church,church... Well, that's basically it. I'll post some of my stories/poems/whatever on here when I get the chance. Right now I'm working on Plus One.

food-chicken fettucini alfredo
sport-soccer, basketball, volleyball, (does dodgeball count??)
movie-changes alot... anything with Tom Wright, Will Friedel, or JTT in it.
Artists- Rachael Lampa, Stacie Orrico, Jaci Velásquez, DC Talk, Carman, Aurora, Plus One, Point Of Grace, Nikki Leonti, Joy Williams (I could go on and on...)
First Boyfriend- Johnny ----- (yes, I did post his name up here!)
Last Boyfriend- Clint --------
Current boyfriend:none
First kiss- Uhhh...
Major Accomplishments- 6 poems published, 1 audio published, received a poet's laurete, nominated for 2001 World Amatuer Poet Champion. 3 times.

What I look like:

Ears-kinda oval shaped, but my left one points up a bit
Mouth-full lips, but not too full,and form a cute little pout when I try to make one. I laugh way too much!

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