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Fast facts, cool facts,
fun facts, fact facts!

Nate, Jason, and Gabe are pastor's kids.

Jason says the best part about being a boy is that they don't have to go through childbirth.(Ok, that sounds a little sexist, but I like him anyway. ;) )

Jason's most embarrassing moment is one time when they were on stage, "I was wearing a snap up shirt, and we went to rip the robes off, and my shirt came entirely unbuttoned! Then the dancing started and I couldn't get my shirt fixed."

Jason used to go fishing with his family when he was younger.

Jason says the most romantic thing he's ever done was sing to a girl.

Jason's favorite color is either blue, green, or one time he said it was hot pink, so I don't think anybody really knows.

Jason's name in touched by an angel was Michael, which is my brother's middle name.

Nate's favorite candies are Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, and candy corn. According to him and Nathan, "It's really fun to eat the white and orange off first, and then put the yellow together to make it one color. That's so much fun." I personally think they're edging dangerously close to the peak of immaturity. (j/k)lol!

Nate's second favorite color is purple. (How cute! So is mine. :))

Jason has a pink pillowcase.

Nathan says his favorite pants are actually girl's pants, flared, extra big. (lol)

Jeremy owns penguin pajamas.

Nate says the best part about being a boy are girls. (lol lol!)

Nate was discovered at Estes Park, CO on the same weekend he was supposed to be at Fine Arts.

Nate says the last thing he bought at a Target was a Gameboy. (lol)

When recording the new album, Gabe made all these different kinds of dog noises. Lots and lots of dogs barking. ("Ok.") -thanx Fency!

Nathan said that the boys moved again. Him, Nate, and Gabe live together, Jeremy lives by himself, and Jason lives with a roommate from church.